Nederlandse Ambassade in Mexico-Stad Mexico

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Ambassade van het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden in Mexico-Stad

Av. Vasco de Quiroga 3000, 7de verdieping
Edificio Calakmul
Colonia Santa Fe
01210 Mexico-Stad

+52 (55) 11 05 65 50

(in noodgevallen kan dit telefoonnummer ook buiten kantooruren gebruikt worden)



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20 juni 2014 The 20th of June, the Dutch consortium Grupo AgriMex-Holanda has officially been formed, through the signing of a covenant between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Netherland Enterprise Agency and eleven Dutch companies. The Mexican Embassy in The Hague has also been present during the ceremony. The covenant has been signed for a period of three years. Grupo AgriMex-Holanda has the main objective to participate actively in the Mexican animal production market, based on sustainable production and animal health, with a special initial focus on the poultry sector. In total, the Dutch government and the companies will invest through their active involvement together about one million euros.

16 juni 2014 On June 11th, Francisco Javier Delgado Mendoza was appointed as Knight of the Order of Orange-Nassau. The ceremony took place at the residence of the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Dolf Hogewoning, who explained Francisco Javier Delgado’s achievements for the benefit of Mexico’s agrifood sector and the development of agroparks.